Do you see yourself riding buses in Cebu City?

By 2015, if all goes according to plan, a bus system may be operating in Cebu City.

It will be operated like a rail system, with fixed stops and regular schedules, but stair-less buses will be used instead of train cars. The stair-less design is intended to make it accessible to persons with disabilities, as well as compel passengers to board only from the stops and not from the street.

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) proposal, first raised in Cebu almost two decades ago, is gaining popularity among developing countries that need an efficient way to move large groups of commuters, but can’t afford to pay for a more expensive rail system. The more popular examples are those of Bogota in Colombia and Curitiba in Brazil.

A fact sheet by the Clean Air Initiative states there are about 80 BRT systems under development in Asia. Indonesia and Seoul already operate BRTs.

The feasibility study for Cebu’s BRT is scheduled to be done by August. This early, bus operators in Cebu are pleading with local officials to make sure there’s room for them even if the BRT starts running in Cebu.

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Corona impeachment e-book now available for free download

Beyond Corona e-book coverA week after former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona was convicted in his impeachment trial, Sun.Star Cebu is making available for free download the e-book “Beyond Corona: Impeaching the Chief Justice of the Philippines.”

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